Lisa Lipschutz_Array Architects

Lisa Lipschutz
Principal | Senior Healthcare Planner

As one of Array's lead planner, Lisa has developed a deep appreciation for and understanding of the built healthcare environment. Her work is informed by interaction with clinicians, strategists, colleagues and family advisory representatives.

Lisa's analytical skills help to determine the ideal departmental size and configuration to produce optimal flow of patients, materials and staff. Her sensitivity and desire to enhance the quality of the healthcare experience allows her to incorporate healing-centered design strategies.


Two NICUs, through simultaneous planning and concurrent openings, share one staff and follow a strict culture of safety, infection control and room standardization to ensure positive patient and family experiences.

Capital Health’s Hopewell campus is an all-private room model on a greenfield site. Its Regional campus went through a complete renovation to create a private room facility in the heart of Trenton, NJ.

In this webinar, which she originally presented at the Gravens Conference on the Physical and Developmental Environment of the High-Risk Infant, Lisa describes the vision and guiding principles of each location’s design, functionality.