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it's not an mob.jpgWhen a national children’s hospital decided to move into a new market, they needed to move quickly. As with all ambulatory projects in today's competitive environment, being first to market with the right product at the right cost is critical. Patient and family focused design in the context of maximum efficiency is the hallmark of the final ambulatory project and was achieved through a rigorous process to define target outcomes and then test solutions. Current and future state process mapping, data collection, visual programming, experience mapping and continuous stakeholder engagement are cornerstone tools used to ensure the right space was built at the right size at the right time. With the rapid evolution of care and reimbursement models and the uncertainty of the future, a flexible and adaptable platform was created to be viable today and tomorrow.



Jonathan Bykowski_Array Advisors
Jonathan Bykowski
Array Advisors: Principal | Practice Leader, Transformation Advisory Services

As a Principal and Lean facilitator, Jonathan infuses process improvement into each step of the process. His passion for problem solving drives him to challenge traditional solutions and approaches. He tailors the project approach for each client to understand their organization and develop improvements to support and enhance them. 


paula crowley
Paula Crowley
CEO | Anchor Health Properties

Throughout her career, Paula Crowley has been on the cutting-edge of real estate development. She co-founded the firm, which has evolved into Anchor Health Properties, in 1985. She is the firm’s Chief Executive Officer.

Anchor has pioneered a new vision for healthcare real estate development, bringing the strengths of the retail experience to the healthcare industry.