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Kristy Venrick
Director, Laboratory Planning

Kristy is fascinated by the logistics and process-driven support areas within Healthcare; those departments that enable quality care. Her depth of experience is in operational planning across several types of laboratories, including clinical and research, as well as pharmacies. Of these, her main passion is looking at labs, pharmacies and other support areas to improve process flow and planning efficiencies. Since the quality and cost of care are at the forefront of healthcare, she enjoys assisting clients to streamline their operational efficiencies that are critical to the healthcare environment.


USP <800> is the current buzzword in clinical pharmacies, but what exactly does it all mean? Learn the new requirements from a facilities standpoint, including hazardous preparations and storage, to ensure your compliance by December 31, 2019.

This AIA CEU-accredited webinar will detail safety precautions for those receiving, storing, mixing, preparing, transporting and administering hazardous drugs, as well as discuss creating separate spaces for these hazardous drugs, both compounding and storage. These spaces are required to comply in clinical pharmacies, both inpatient and outpatient areas.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn about the new USP <800> requirements
  • Learn the specifics on hazardous storage
  • Understand how this impacts pharmacy departments’ spaces and air flows
  • Implement proper design of these spaces to meet the requirements